How to open "rent a rack » shop, second hand clothing business

I'm Ronan owner of a rent a rack shop in France (in the city of Quimper), find us here : Vidipi - vide dresssing permanent. First what's rent a rack ("vide dressing permanent" in French) ? It's a new kind of second hand clothing shop. If it’s selling your own preloved items or shopping for them, "rent a rack" shop are a magic way to reduce waste, support the environment and save some money. Most people don’t wear all of their wardrobe and renting a rack is a quick and efficient way to give your clothes and accessories a new life.

Step 1 : Find the best location for your shop

One key of your succed come from your location. Find the best place, with the less renovation work for the best price. We need to find the four-leaf clover.

Step 2 : Find the good software

How to open a rent a rack shop without the best software ? You can find 2 softwares on the Market for rent a rack and preloved market : - Zellr from finland (made for flea market) - Rent a Rack software from France (made from scratch only for rent a rack shop)

Rent a rack software - screenshot

Step 3 : works and decoration of the shop

Take care of the store layout. You need to take care of the decoration and layout of the shop. Customers need to feel this at ease, come back and talk about it around them.

Step 4 : Communication & press

Spread the word around the city, that a little revolution is ready to open. The press love this kind of concept, in the trend and will want to talk about it. Socials medias are your friends to spread the word on facebook and instagram.

Find influencer and little community to help you.

Step 5 : open and satisfy its customers

After the great opening party, the serious things begin. Take care of your customers (salers and buyers) every day. Word of mouth is key to sucess.

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